AEG1 is an education state institution that comprises pre-schools, primary schools, a middle and a secondary school, totalling about 2,500 learners and 250 teachers.

The diversity of the curricula mirrors the school’s commitment to the community and to its needs, that is, the school’s great concern for ensuring access to education and for promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all. The main goal of the organisation is to provide a wide range of courses that together with high quality standards will enable children and youngsters to acquire useful qualifications in order to pursue higher education or to be better prepared for the world of work. Learning and achievement practises are based upon the encouragement of active citizenship bearing in mind the full development of young people as responsible, autonomous and action-oriented sustainable citizens.

Many of the schools that are part of the organisation are placed in rural areas far from the city centre; therefore this project can be a major asset to encourage young people’s connection and attachment to the place and foster their sense of belonging. Our teachers cover a wide variety of scientific areas of expertise, which makes it possible to work on this project from different perspectives.

Pride of Place meets the school´s demands for highlighting the local cultural heritage as well as for embracing innovative and challenging approaches to education that support 21st century teaching competences.

Our school has been recently embracing Erasmus+ projects as we came to realize the potential of their impact at the educational level.

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