Teaching Institute of Cortemilia – Saliceto

The state funded teaching Institute of Cortemilia – Saliceto is contituted by three school levels: kindergarten, primary and secondary education. In total there are 578 pupils receiving education from 80 teachers and 26 supporting staff members. The Institute consists of 16 different locations spread over 9 municipalities in the Bormida Valley of Millesomo and Uzzone.  The Bormida Valley is located in a rural area of the region of Piedmont in Northern-Italy and is annually faced with a decline in total number of pupils as there is a strong decline of population in the valley. Over the past years several school locations from different municipalities had to merge as the total numbers of pupils where too low to maintain independency.

Besides offering state regulated curricular education, the institute also offers extracurricular education to its pupils as they realise that the youngsters from this region usually have a lower level of personal development due to its geographical distance to the urbanised societies.

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