We have published our Policy Brief which explains the relevance of our Pride of Place project for rural communities. It aims to inform policy and decision makers about this relevance and to stimulate them to adopt the project outputs. This Brief is the condensed version of the full theoretical report, for policy and decision makers.
For any queries about the policy brief, please contact us through the contact form on this website.

The policy Brief and its translation into the partners’ national languages can be downloaded free of charge from our download page on this website. Click here to go to the download page.

“Promoting PoP among young people is especially relevant for rural areas in the upcoming decades. Sustainable, inclusive and vibrant rural societies are on many important political agendas at national, European and global level. “ (quote from the framework)

Policy Brief citation: Bonaiuto, M., Ariccio, S., Albers, T., Eren, R. and Cataldi, S. (2020). Pride of Place: a curriculum to (re)connect and encourage young people to be engaged with their rural areas. Policy Brief produced as part of the Erasmus+ Project “Pride of Place”. 

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