The curriculum has been translated and tested in three partner countries (Ireland, Portugal and Italy) at four schools involving about 150 students, and was subsequently evaluated, improved and finalised. 

The curriculum and its syllabus were evaluated by the 16 teachers involved in pilot testing. 75% of the teachers said the quality of the teaching methodology was good to very good and 93,8% of them stated that the curriculum was a good fit with the learning experience of their class. All teachers thought that the curriculum was fitting with the unique qualities. 93.8% said that the curriculum allowed students to learn new competencies and 75% said that working with the curriculum allowed their students to reach learning goals. Most importantly, and in spite of virtual-learning conditions, 70% of the teachers stated that their students enjoyed learning about their place through working with the curriculum. These are of course great results, especially given the fact that the piloting happened during what was probably the most chaotic and stressful period in modern education

The report can be found in the download section of the website.

All in all, we are incredibly grateful to the students, teachers and other staff members that made the testing phase possible in these unique times.

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