We have published our theoretical framework in which the concept of Pride of Place is explored, described how it relates to other important concepts such as place attachment and place identity and importantly explained how Pride of Place is relevant for rural communities.

“Since people are proud of place as it is, change can be critical, since it could alter some aspects of this relationship and remove the conditions for pride.” (quote from the framework)

The full report on the Theoretical Framework of Pride of Place is available online and can be downloaded free of charge in the download section of this website.

Full report citation:
Bonaiuto, M., Ariccio, S., Albers, T., Eren, R., Cataldi, S. (2020). Pride of Place: Definitions, Causes, Effects and Relevance for the Rural Context. A framework produced as part of the Erasmus+ Project “Pride of Place”. Aalten: Anatta Foundation. ISBN 978-90-831319-0-0

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